Blingo the Flashy Fox can be caught by buying a book called Buster's Lost Moshlings and at the back of the book there is a code that you have to use a mirror to get. The code has also been released on moshi offer as DJdude456, but has expired.




Hip Hop Hibiscus, any seed, any seed


Slick and funky, Flashy Foxes never take off their shades. But that's not because it's sunny up in Hipsta Hills, it's because the bling they collect is totally dazzling! When these hip little moshlings aren't listening to the latest 49 Pence tunes on their boomboxes, they enjoy hangin' in Horrods and making up silly rhymes in their strange, lightning fast language.


Sharp beard trimmers and chocolate coins


Heavy Metal and Anything made of Silver


Most flashy foxes live up in the Hipsta Hills overlooking Ker-Ching Canyon, but sometimes you'll find a few cruising along Jive Drive.


  • In the end of Lady GooGoo's song, The Moshi Dance, Blingo can be seen doing his signature dance to the song.
  • He is featured in Zack Binspin's song Moptop Tweenybop (My Hair's Too Long). He raps near the end.
  • On if you sign up you get a code for Blingo. Even if you are already registered you can use this code. It is DJdude456,But it has expired.
  • The reason a new code has been released is because fans were finding it hard to use the code in Buster's Lost Moshlings as you needed a mirror to decode it.
  • Blingo wrote a song called "Digging Ya Lingo"
  • There is a glitch that sometimes happen is when you click on him his boombox will transform to hiphop and do hiphops move and transform back