Shelly is the third to be relised in the nutties first cocoloco then pip then shelly.

Boi Completley nuts?Not exactly but Nattering Nutlings are definitely crazy .... about Moshi celebrities! And that's bad news for me because thanks to my best selling guide books I'm a household name these days. Whenever i get close to one of these gossipy Moshlings the first thing it does is flutter its eyelashes and ask for an autograph before running off screaming. Goodness knows how a Nuttling would react if it bumped into a proper star like Zack Binspin.

Habitat Nattering Nutlings can usually be found flicking through the latest Ruby Scribblez book in Goober Gulch.

Likes Gossip colums and jam.

Dislikes Salt and Cheeky chimps.

Set Nutties